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Thursday, 16 February 2017

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Special Story of Dancing Girl of Mohenjo Daro: Secret of a Naked Girl Special News Report by Ajit Singh: As every one know about Mohenjo Daro and had seen photos of a Harappan young lady, found in the remnants of Mohenjo Daro, remaining with disposition, confront up, one arm on her midsection, the other on her marginally twisted knee.
She is bare with the exception of a series of wristbands that covers her left arm altogether, especially like Banjara ladies today.

She has three cowrie-like pendants around her neck. English archeologists called her a 'moving young lady' and the name stuck however there is nothing to recommend that she is moving or prepared in move.
Is it accurate to say that they were accepting she was like "nautch" young ladies of Hindu sanctuaries and illustrious courts? She could possibly be the bangle-merchant's little girl. On the other hand a neighborhood princess.

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