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Monday, 13 March 2017

BJP Political Holi Song 2017 ft BJP, Spa, Bsp, Congress Party, Aap Party Narendra Modi Singing

Uttar Pradesh, Assembly Election Results 2017 – Modi Super-Wave Brings Saffron Holi Song For Uttar Pradesh Special News Report by Vijay Laxmi: The BJP rode a Modi super-wave to a massive victory in Uttar Pradesh today, winning 312 of the state’s 403 seats; its allies have won 13 seats for a grand total of 325 and celebrate holi with these holi song.

The Holi Song 2017 (Political Holi) of BJP in the wining celebrations of Uttar Pradesh, Spa, Bsp, Congress Party, Aap Party Narendra Modi Singing

It’s a triumph that will strengthen Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s claim to a second term in 2019.

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