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Friday, 26 May 2017

World's First Pregnant Man Who Was Born a Baby Birl, He Created History

Thomas Beatie’s eyes filled with tears as he watched his beautiful bride Amber walk down the aisle just behind his beaming seven-year-old daughter Susan, scattering rose petals.
His sons Austin and Jensen, dressed identically in little black suits and striped ties, stood nearby nervously checking the wedding bands in their care.
To the casual observer, 42-year-old Beatie and 46-year-old Nichols looked like any other couple tying the knot. Yet Thomas was no ordinary groom – in 2008 he made headlines as the world’s first pregnant man.
Beatie was born female but started hormone treatment at 23 to become a man. However, he kept his reproductive organs and became a miracle of modern science by giving birth three times in quick succession.

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